Traffic Violations

Attorneys for those accused of Traffic Violations in Northern Indiana

It’s almost a fact of life –as a driver you run the risk of being cited for traffic violations. Whether you were actually driving in an unsafe manner, or happen to be caught in a “speed trap,” the feeling of powerless and frustration will inevitably accompany your receiving your ticket from the officer. In response, the temptations run two ways: Either plead “Not Guilty” and “get your day in court;” or give up and plead “Guilty” and simply pay the fine and court costs.

Whether you are a commercial driver or a passenger driver, a ticket can never come at a convenient time. We know too well how complicated and “user-unfriendly” the state Department of Motor Vehicles (“DMV”) can make it for those seeking to navigate the bureaucracy, with its regulations, confusing website, and occasionally unhelpful employees. Our firm knows the rules and how best to navigate the DMV, as well as the local traffic courts in Northern Indiana. We will give you an honest and straightforward assessment of your case, and how similar citations have been resolved in traffic courts.

Whether you elect to pursue a “Not Guilty” plea, or you wish to plead for a lesser charge, you should know that the Traffic Violations team at NLKJ stand ready to help you fight your traffic ticket and ensure that you do not face significant complications with your insurance or your driving privileges.

For some drivers an additional ticket might mean significantly higher insurance premiums, having to attend traffic school, or even the risk of a suspended or revoked license. Traffic violations can add up significantly and be a real source of concern for drivers in the long run. If you feel an additional speeding ticket might be disastrous for you, we can assist you with a range of defenses, depending on the citation:

  • If the officer had a visual observation of your speeding and tracked you over a period of time, we can advise you on a defense based on the fact that you were moving above the posted speed limit, because ut it was necessary in order to avoid serious injury in an emergency situation.
  • If a radar unit was used, we can advise you on building a defense based on questioning whether the radar unit picked up another vehicle or more reflective surface instead of your vehicle. We also know how to assess whether the officer was using the unit correctly and whether it was in good working order.
  • Laser Gun Defenses Laser present more challenges, because a laser beam has a very specific and well defined point, and it tends to be more accurate than radar in determining your vehicle’s speed, and is therefore harder to defeat in court. If you have received a laser speeding ticket, you still have options, and we can talk you through them based on the specific circumstances of your citation.

We also represent clients accused of:

  • Commercial driver’s license violations (CDL)
  • Driving with a suspended license (DWS) or no license (NLP)
  • Driving without insurance or proof of insurance
  • Equipment violations
  • Habitual traffic violator offender (HTV)
  • Hit-and-run accident (failure of duty)
  • Leaving the scene of an accident
  • Operating While Intoxicated (“OWI”) Driving While Intoxicated (“DWI”) or Driving while Under the Influence (“DUI”)
  • Reckless driving or careless driving (RD)
  • Speeding

We can advise you whether or not you should appear in traffic court. In many cases, we can take care of the pleas on your behalf, negotiate for a lesser penalty, and alleviate the need for you to take time from your work schedule to sit for hours in a courtroom.

Attorneys Specializing in Traffic Violations