Risk Avoidance and Risk Management

Attorneys Experienced in Risk Avoidance and Risk Management

As counsel for decades to businesses and organizations in Northern Indiana, we have extensive
experience in all areas of litigation (such as business disputes, employment litigation, bankruptcy, and fraudulent actions). This experience has taught us that the most effective way to avoid costly litigation is to put in place risk management programs long before potential disputes arise. So we work closely with our clients and offer suggestions based on our real-world experience. Our objective is for you to never see the inside of a courtroom. Of course, there are times when litigation is inevitable, and therefore the strategies we encourage our clients to adopt are also designed to control costs and fees that will ultimately be incurred in litigation.

No two companies or organizations are alike, so we work with each client to address its unique situation, needs, and potential risks. We have found there are strategies that every company – large and small- can adopt to assist with a risk-reduction strategy. Although such strategies frequently are developed in response to a particular problem, businesses should develop and implement broad “best practices” and operational policies. We advise our clients to ensure that such practices and policies comply with applicable legal requirements and observe community standards of reasonableness.

Attorneys Specializing in Risk Avoidance and Risk Management