Medicaid Planning

Advice for Medicaid Recipients in Indiana

For many elderly with limited means, Medicaid has become one option in securing reliable long-term care. The U.S. Congress implicitly accepts this option through rules and regulations that protect spouses of nursing home residents and permit others to qualify after spending down or transferring some or all of their savings. It is important to remember that federal and state governments share Medicaid expenses. At the federal level, anyone who qualifies for Medicaid receives coverage. At the state level, there is some discretion on how far the state government will expand Medicaid to serve underinsured populations and policies will vary from state to state. The attorneys in NLKJ’s Elder Law practice know the ins and outs of the Medicaid program and how the State of Indiana enforces its rules among Indiana residents. We assist our clients to take full advantage of Medicaid’s programs ethically and legally.

Attorneys Specializing in Medicaid Planning