Creditor Rights

Attorneys for Creditor Rights in Indiana

We assist clients in collecting delinquent accounts that arise from a broad range of causes, and our clients come from every sector of the regional economy: large and small banks, savings and loans, credit card companies, landlords, commercial lenders, manufacturers, auto dealers, retailers, insurance companies, as well as creditors in personal transactions.

Our attorneys are experienced in both routine and complex bankruptcy matters, and our services include the following:

  • Restructurings, workouts and collections of commercial loans and trade credits
  • Defense of avoidance and preference actions
  • Challenging an automatic stay or discharge of a debt
  • Enforcement of remedies with security agreements, assignments, mortgages and property

  • Coordination of inter-creditor agreements
  • Defense of lender liability claims
  • Enforcement of creditors’ rights in bankruptcy

Attorneys Specializing in Creditor Rights