Buy/Sell Transactions

Attorneys for Buying or Selling a Business in Indiana

We recognize the fact that just as careers have lifespans, businesses have lifespans. There comes a time for some entrepreneurs when a business has grown to the point where it could and should be sold. Likewise, there are times in the lives of investors where owning an established business might be an opportunity to start a new career and achieve financial independence. We help clients who are looking to enjoy the fruits of the hard work that went into establishing their business, as well as others who are looking for opportunities to purchase a business and “take it to the next level.”

In buy/sell transactions, our services are comprehensive, and include helping clients clarify their goals and strategies for the proposed transaction, determining which business entity is best, structuring offer letters and letters of intent, and preparing necessary contracts. There may be many legal documents to review and sign, but we will take the time to explain each one and why it is necessary. We will ensure that due diligence is thorough and your documents are in order, including leases, shareholder agreements, operating agreements, and employment contracts.

It’s advisable to ensure that sellers receive the full amount that their business is worth and buyers do not overpay, so we can connect you with business valuation specialists who know your sector of the regional market.

Attorneys Specializing in Buy/Sell Transactions