David Jones, Managing PartnerNLKJ Partner, David Jones, attended the 25th Annual National Conference of Criminal Justice Act (CJA) Panel District Representatives on February 28 – March 1 in Austin, Texas.

This annual conference is attended by Criminal Justice Act attorneys who represent indigent criminal defendants in US District and Circuit courts.

Criminal Justice Act lawyers accept appointments to represent those accused of violations of Federal law.  Mr. Jones represents the approximately 40 members of the Northern District of Indiana CJA panel.  He is currently serving his second 3-year term as CJA Panel Representative.  In addition to serving as a panel representative, Mr. Jones actively represents indigent defendants in federal court, including in jury trials and appeals.

Each district has a CJA Panel Attorney District Representative, selected from among the members of the CJA panel, with the approval of the chief judge of each federal district court.

CJA Panel Attorney District Representatives

  • lead their district CJA panel;
  • attend the annual National Conference of CJA Panel Attorney District Representatives;
  • serve as liaison between the CJA panel and the federal defender organization, the court and the AO’s Office of Defender Services;
  • comment on proposed legislation relating to the CJA; and
  • work toward improving the quality of representation as well as the conditions under which panel attorneys provide representation.

Mr. Jones has represented the Northern District of Indiana as its Panel Representative since 2015.