La Porte County Real Estate Tax Sale – Thursday, October 26, 2017

  La Porte County will hold a tax sale October 26, 2017, where it will auction off certain properties where taxes have gone unpaid for a period of time.  The properties listed for tax sale can be viewed here. Those with the highest bid on a particular property will receive a “tax sale certificate” after payment of the bid amount, which certificate becomes a lien against the property.  A common misconception is that the tax sale certificate automatically makes a bidder the owner of the property without the need for additional steps. To the contrary, receiving a tax sale certificate is only the start. Indiana’s tax sale process has many steps which require, among other things, the sending of detailed notices and the filing of a petition within certain deadlines. The owner of a tax sale certificate is only entitled to a tax deed and possession of the property when total compliance with the tax sale process is met.  If you purchase a tax sale certificate and would like assistance with this process, contact Anthony G. Novak or Matthew J. Hagenow at Newby, Lewis, Kaminski & Jones, LLP.