La Porte County Commissioner’s Tax Sale – Friday, February 22, 2019

LaPorte County will hold a commissioners’ certificate sale on Friday, February 22, 2019, where it will auction off properties with unpaid taxes that didn’t sell at the October 2018 Tax Sale. Opening bids will start at $100 and the person with the highest bid on a particular property will receive a “tax sale certificate”.

A common misconception is that this certificate automatically makes a bidder the owner of the property without the need for additional steps. To the contrary, receiving this certificate is only the start. Indiana’s tax sale process has many steps which require, among other things, the sending of detailed notices and the filing of a petition within certain deadlines. With certificates purchased at a commissioner’s sale, those deadlines are even shorter. If you purchased a certificate at the commissioner’s sale and would like assistance with this process, contact Anthony G. Novak or Matthew J. Hagenow at Newby, Lewis, Kaminski and Jones at 219-362-1577 or or