Kristina Jacobucci becomes a Certified Family Law Specialist

On May 6, 2017, Kristina Jacobucci, an attorney and partner at Newby Lewis Kaminski & Jones, LLP became a Certified Family Law Specialist.  There are currently only 71 attorneys in Indiana who are Certified Family Law specialists.  She was certified by the Family Law Certification Board, an independent certifying organization recognized by the Indiana Supreme Court.

To become certified, Kristina had to pass a special written exam on the areas included in family law, as well as professional responsibility, ethics, and the differences between Indiana law and general law.  Also, Kristina had to provide sufficient professional referrals, including attorneys who substantially practice in the area of family law and Indiana judges who are familiar with her skill in family law.

Finally, more than 50% of Kristina’s law practice for the past five (5) years had to be devoted to family law, and she had to have experience in at least ten (10) of the following areas during the last five (5) years:

  1. Restraining orders/protective orders;
  2. Dissolution of Marriage and Legal Separation;
  3. Custody of Children;
  4. Child Support;
  5. Spousal Maintenance;
  6. Modification of Support;
  7. Division of Property;
  8. Taxation Issues Incident to Dissolution of Marriage;
  9. Contempt and/or enforcement proceedings;
  10. Mediation and/or Negotiation of Family Law Disputes;
  11. Psychological and Counseling Aspects of Dissolution of Marriage;
  12. Paternity;
  13. Adoption;
  14. Children in Need of Services;
  15. Grandparents’ Rights;
  16. Ethics as it Relates to the Specialty

Call Kristina for an appointment if you need an attorney regarding family law, 219-362-1577.