La Porte County Commissioner’s Tax Sale – Friday, February 22, 2019

LaPorte County will hold a commissioners’ certificate sale on Friday, February 22, 2019, where it will auction off properties with unpaid taxes that didn’t sell at the October 2018 Tax Sale. Opening bids will start at $100 and the person with the highest bid on a particular property will receive a “tax sale certificate”. A […]

Don’t Lose Your Life Savings Qualifying for Medicaid

Paying for proper long-term care for a loved one is difficult and expensive with nursing homes charging $6,000 to $9,000 per month. Many families can’t afford those payments for an extended period of time so they rely on Medicaid coverage to cover the cost. To qualify for Medicaid, families are often required to liquidate a […]

La Porte County Real Estate Tax Sale – Thursday, October 26, 2017

  La Porte County will hold a tax sale October 26, 2017, where it will auction off certain properties where taxes have gone unpaid for a period of time.  The properties listed for tax sale can be viewed here. Those with the highest bid on a particular property will receive a “tax sale certificate” after payment […]

3 questions you need to ask about your car and homeowners insurance

I’m not intending to make more money for your insurance agent, but I hope by the end of this post you decide to pick up the phone or email your insurance agent to learn more about your insurance coverage.  You may learn that you do not have enough insurance to protect you if you get […]

Homeowner potentially liable to intoxicated party goer who died

In a timely decision for the holiday party season, the Indiana Court of Appeals issued a decision on December 14th in Rogers v. Martin, et. al. regarding the potential liability of a homeowner for the death of a party goer. In May 2010, the defendant, Amanda Martin, hosted a birthday party for her live-in boyfriend, Brian […]

Indiana Court of Appeals grants Motion to Exclude blood test results in OWI case

Recently, the Indiana Court of Appeals issued an interesting opinion that excluded blood test results in an OWI case because the officer failed to include any specific facts in the probable cause affidavit.  The Court of Appeals decision can be read here.  Here are the relevant facts from the Court of Appeals decision: On August […]

The Elkhart Four

On Friday, September 18, 2015, the Indiana Supreme Court issued a much awaited opinion in the case that became known as the Elkhart Four, Layman, et al. v. State of Indiana, 20S04-1509-CR-548.  You can read the opinion here.  The case received nationwide media attention (see ABC’s article and interviews here). On October 3, 2015, a group of […]

Admissibility of Facebook Messages in Court

Over the last decade a hot legal topic has been the admissibility of Facebook, Twitter, and other online messages in court and trial proceedings.  The legal issue is whether the party attempting to admit the online statement can authenticate the statement.  How can they be sure that the online profile attached to the message is […]

Grandparent Visitation

L.A.D. (Mother) and R.W. (Father) were married and had a child, L-A.D.W. (L-A).  M.D. and W.D. (Grandparents) helped provide care for L-A from the time she was born and even lived in Mother and Father’s home after L-A was born in order to help Mother care for her.  Grandparents carried out parental duties, such as […]

USA vs. Tommy Webster

Tommy Lee Webster, Jr. was charged in the South Bend Division in the Northern District of Indiana in an indictment that alleged: possession with intent to distribute cocaine in violation of 21 U.S.C. § 841(a)(1); possession of a firearm in furtherance of a drug trafficking offense, in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 924(c); manufacture of […]