Anthony Novak serves as Teen Court volunteer

Attorney Anthony Novak appears with a group of teen court participants after a Teen Court session on March 7, 2017. Teen Court is a program designed for students who commit arrestable offenses at school. These juveniles go through a court proceeding and face a jury of his or her peers to receive constructive sentence that may include community service, letters of apology, counseling, and being a juror in a future teen court proceeding.  The program’s goal is to divert students from entering the juvenile justice system.  The participants pictured acted as prosecutors, defense attorneys, and jurors in this teen court proceeding. While Anthony Novak’s role is typically that of presiding judge, on this evening, a Teen Court volunteer was given the honor of judge due to his seven-years of service in Teen Court. Teen Court questions can be directed to Toni Osowski, at telephone # 219-362-9587.